The stillness of the night to listen to Ups and downs of the song of the sea filar silk cool elyzebreeze dancing in face breeze, gentle touching. Below the reflect that the overlook pingtan island, in the light like a mirage.

Pingtan sea like surging warriors, sometimes surging trend should be the "shreds and worn the cloud, rolled up thousand heap snow".

Pingtan island of pingtan island, beautiful beautiful, has great development. Pingtan kelp elyzesparerib soup, pig beans rice water, thin skin filling small dumpling, hat to screw, scoop abalone, seafood Fried winter... Delicious, has long been renowned Chinese and foreign.

Entered the pingtan island, we just opened its wings, embrace the sun; Pingtan island scenery not only elyzebeauty, beauty, people more beautiful.

Pingtan island, walked into the further step is the end of the world, the next step is to life!