In a sort of tentacles talking to land SEO Hong Kong  , grain fragrant across the heart of the fantasy, the swallow bright wings around the low flying, blossom and flocks and herds, the temptation of freedom.
If the strip off go talk afterbirth, we each bead is golden grain in the gourd . Wind and rain came we took up the head; And as a result, and let's bow humbly to land.
Now, hexi has been hungry climb slope half a village on the slope of the bulldozer to the ground, buildings stand on flat farmland. Crops hands loosen them farm for a living, be incorporated into the city, to community residents, live the life of a farmer non-agricultural.
On the surface of the village , in hexi slope was full of grain, how should I pose and expression, make the life of the ordinary sojourn between labor and gratitude?
struggling to climb out of the building gap.
A sharp green shoots, stand tiptoe to its, lest we should miss ChunYan bit to the sunshine.
A no nest cuckoo land for planting corn in fear and trembling, return in mouth bit the pieces of the sun and the crops of sweet, colorful and happiness...