Recently, zhejiang province held the present meeting of mining green development across the province, putting forward the comprehensive implementation of "8553" mining green action. The main goal is to complete the ecological rehabilitation of more than 800 abandoned mines in the province by 2022, add 500 more mines to the national green mine construction directory, provide more than 50,000 mu of land for development and utilization through the comprehensive exploitation of mineral land, and complete the construction of more than three green mining development demonstration zones.

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Zhejiang province stressed the resolute victory of the blue sky fight. The natural resources departments at all levels of the province shall close down mines that violate the laws and regulations on resources and the environment, pollute the environment, destroy the ecology and dig indiscriminately according to law. To pollution control not standard, "edge mining, edge treatment" system is not carried out, dust discharge is not up to standard, want to order to stop production to renovate lawfully, to refuse to stop production or to restore production to shut down compulsorily lawfully.

We will deepen special operations to restore abandoned mines. We should organically combine the ecological rehabilitation of abandoned mines with the comprehensive improvement of land in the whole region, increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land, and rural revitalization, implement the one mine policy, actively explore new modes of ecological rehabilitation of abandoned mines, and maximize the comprehensive benefits of rehabilitation. We will speed up the comprehensive development and utilization of mining areas, and strive to "open up mines, open large mines and bring them out as early as possible" in 24 pilot projects across the province. We will comprehensively deepen the construction of green mines.

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All regions should further implement the main responsibility of mining enterprises, extend the industrial chain of mineral exploitation, and promote the extension of raw stone ore to building components, concrete and other finished products. We should strengthen the construction of smart mines, vigorously improve the efficiency of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and strive to build a number of modern digital mines that are intelligent in production, clean in transport and intelligent in management. We will develop demonstration areas for the development of green mining. The construction of the demonstration area for the green development of the mining industry should focus on promoting innovation in technological system, industrial model, management mode and policy mechanism, and creating a model area for green mining development with reasonable layout, intensive efficiency, good ecology, harmonious mining areas and sound regional economic development.