On October 8th, the national health committee, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine jointly issued "about specification signing the family doctor service management guidance is clear, in principle, each family doctors are not more than 2000 subscribers, it should be not less than 70% of the contract the service fee for gp team, and according to the service quantity, service quality, such as residents satisfaction evaluation results are reasonable allocation.

According to the opinion, the signing service of family doctors is in principle carried out in the form of team service. Each team is equipped with at least one family doctor and one nursing staff, and the family doctor serves as the team leader. Can cross regional signing, establish orderly competition mechanism. We will encourage community-run primary medical and health institutions to carry out proper signing services in light of actual conditions. In addition, under the premise of ensuring the medication safety, family doctors can increase the single dose for patients with chronic diseases with stable condition and good compliance as appropriate, and extend the dispensing period. In principle, long-term prescriptions can be issued for 4 to 8 weeks.

"Opinion" is put forward, the family doctor in signing for residents to provide basic medical and public health services, according to the requirements of the contract signing process comprehensive health services, signed an agreement, provide health advice and understanding signed residents health status and health intervention, assessment, management and coordination of referral services cost of labor services, rehabilitation guidance, by signing the service fee shall be compensated. The signing service fee may be Shared by the medical insurance fund, the basic public health service fund and the signing resident pay. At the same time, we should actively seek the support of departments such as finance, poverty alleviation and the disabled persons federation, and broaden the financing channels for signing service fees. Each place basis actual situation, reasonable accounting family doctor signs a contract service fee standard.

The guideline stressed that the medical institutions at the second level or above in the joint medical body should be included in the assessment and evaluation system of the joint medical body. Encouraged by buying service forms, such as the examination and inspection level 2 or above of medical institutions, medical imaging, disinfection supply resources open to basic medical and health institutions, such as conditional area to establish medical imaging center, inspection center, disinfection supply center, logistics center and so on, promote the sign "Internet +" family doctor service. At the same time, the management and assessment of contracted services should be strengthened, with the number and composition of the contracted objects, service quality, health management effect, the proportion of patients at the basic level and the satisfaction of residents as the core assessment indicators.