If you'd like to experience the finest dim chocolate, you have to head over to France, and for sheer concentration of chocolatiers you cannot conquer Paris. Its once-a-year four-day Salon du Chocolat is a big exhibition focused to every element of chocolate-making, with demonstrations, chocolate art, tastings, lectures, and also a fashion show featuring outlandish creations produced from chocolate.

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  The French influence, we assume, has performed a component in Canada's superior standing inside the chocolate desk. St. Stephen, New Brunswick, residence towards the Ganong manufacturing facility, is named "Canada's Chocolate Town", and hosts an yearly pageant.

  We won't say we are overfamiliar with Dutch chocolate, however they clearly deliver many it. Our Amsterdam specialist, Rodney Bolt, advises a trip to Van Roselen Fantastic Sweets. "It sells handmade, heart-meltingly good candies and truffles - starting from common pralines to curious combos of fruits and spices," he suggests. "It also shares prime chocolate from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and more." The town can also be home to Chocolátl, which payments itself being a "chocolate gallery", and it has generally artisanal, single-origin sweets so wonderfully exhibited, and in such alluring packaging, that it seems a pity to choose a single off the shelf.

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  With eleven per cent of all exports, the Belgians clearly know a point or two about building chocolate. People can opt for from an variety of sights and actions, from chocolate museums, walking and tasting excursions to over two,000 chocolate stores and chocolate festivals, which includes Choco-Laté in Bruges plus the Chocolate Festival in Brussels.

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  Perhaps we should not be surprised that Germany is number one. It truly is, after all, the home of Augustus Gloop, likewise at üter, the chubby child from your Simpsons who uttered the immortal line: "Don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate!" (whilst Homer attempted to towel whip his bottom). But it's domination is remarkable: 17 for every cent of all chocolate exported all around the world came from Germany. So where to take pleasure in it? Travellers who dash to Cologne can take a look at the Das Schokoladenmuseum - where the mechanics of chocolate generation are dissected alongside lots of samples. Enjoy.

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