Across his life Nuwa creating human gives person's common to hit, not common is that everyone is unique, is common physical the joys and sorrows, everyone around a arrangement, ordinary life in the same world, the cycle of

live each day, may occasionally made waves, occasionally will sky flashed across a meteor. In this way you will meet all kinds of people, will be moved by their words, confusion, doubt, dream can have a lot

of, but will eventually be accompanied by reason of the reasonable, is not beyond reason.
Life is a dream with the combination of reason, is the practice of life experience, everybody is on the path the leave or deep or shallow footprints, who was originally a piece of stone with edges and

corners, after the polishing of time become soft andCalifornia Fitness fruity, perhaps the grinding process, is the so-called life!
Everyone on his own views, but everyone is not perfect, often those who woke from the can to the next level, its value is not based on belittle others, but by one step a footprint live out the highlight of

the oneself, is the so-called "lu yao's know Marion want to be," little people don't listen, time to witness, it was just a broken door, only naked to live out the true and the most comfortable life. A bumpy

journey in life, only the heart will be more perfect at the foot of the road. Life is not a stage show, not one acting excellence is a winner, only the steadfast personhood, low-key doing things is the life.

True, honest, flow is a glimpse of oasis in the heart, is the mei-yu without carve, is the foundation of bridge friendship!
World not all pay and get is proportional to, as long as his calm, it is good to have a clear conscience, not all things in the world only in accordance with the development of their own will, "content in

natural selection, survival of the fittest" learn to see issues with positive attitude, to burn the beautiful state of mind to accept and inclusive the existing disadvantages of reality, the tolerance is not

indulgence, to build harmonious whole! "Empty sea, tolerance is a great"! When you are able to kuo kuang your vision, you will find the beauty and magnificence of this world!