For the umbrella, I always have a special feeling.
When I was a child I am the most like rainy day, because I have a very nice flower umbrella. The color of the umbrella is blue, deep sea, the above also compose full of broken beautiful, have a light yellow, pale purple, white, very beautiful, my little partners umbrella no one will be more beautiful than me. Every time I open it, will himself into a fairy tale fantasy of the little princess Dr Max , wearing a cute white bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt, with a big bowknot, living in a large and beautiful castle, to a beautiful blue umbrella in the rain, so the umbrella became my fairy tale, every time it rains I will open it carefully walk in the rain, and then put it away carefully.
Vaguely remember this umbrella is my father once go out to buy materials to buy me. Father is a carpenter, fangyuan  will give play to my dad on a set of "style" furniture so dad often go outside to buy some wood Dr Max , this is my father play "material" used in the furniture. That a father go out to buy materials, I took only a few years old. When I was small, rural primary vehicle or bicycle, or there is a beam of the front, we call it the "ocean". I sat on the "beam", sang just learn nursery rhymes, dad about my push carts, ZhiYaYa, with father and daughter two people laugh.
Father and several uncles to talk about the price, I will own a play on one side, and suddenly the sky is cloudy Dr Max , then splitting crash in the rain came down, dad quickly carried me to hide, such as wanted to go home the rain a little bit small, but didn't think the rain will not only not small, also under the more, the greater the dad had to buy an umbrella for me, is this an umbrella. I sat on the girder, stretch hand to try to give the umbrella, also do not sing, his lips tightly, but dad's back or wet a large, but dad still kept laughing at me, let me hide yourself. In that time, the father of eyebrow eye and pouring the youthful, and now I have been able to easily umbrella head up in front of dad, eyes with his grey hair straight forward.