She dared to revealing their own heart. Flowers, she put the beautiful presents, the fragrance and here on earth, the luster is full; She dare to love dare to hate hong kong seo , give honest and kind, love gave glory to the blue sky, blue snow leave sweet to  the earth.
She dares to commit emotional burden, the in the mind is filled with people dare to put your heart into it, encourage and cheer for them, for their praise, make them along the way to fit in more tightly and walk faster. Her mind is still blurred, with consideration to raise them Information Assessment , encouraging them to rush to rush, make them appreciate the meaning of life; She would call those of hardship and suffering, give them the courage and wisdom, make them understand: only in the way on the road of life, just can make life so spectacular.
She dare to dream dare to think, she thought the dream is the foundation of thought, thought is the dream of the creeping. It is because of dream makes life wonderful; Not the dream, and I have lost the life style. So, she was weaving colorful dream reenex , brew the many dreams. The dream, some small and exquisite, some, thousandrous hooves across some infinite changes, some move. She was gathering them up and fold up, stack up, up, make one's wish. She said: I hope, only hope, is the power of life.