Go all the way, the back constantly. The distance, framed vast and hazy, a hazy, into the blue sky, can't tell where is the mountain, where is the day. Nearby you find ltd , the mountains green, high and low, and constantly. The mountain mist, vacillation. Bright white stone group, revealing, low is the garden out in the surface of silver waves, but they are not moving waves in one thousand, is not to fall in ten thousand. At present, green trees everywhere, scrub, the flower opens, flying butterflies. Trees, such as the grand sea, such as the sea, boundless, and endless. You can't see, looking not to the end.

Like the sea gods mountains!

That year to visit Qingdao, the first time I saw a real sea. Blue sea and blue sky is linked together, can't tell where is the sea, where is the day. High tide again and again the sea rushed to the beach, filled with endless pride and passion, to the endless  sea of silvery white, they retreat and advance, advance and retreat, the sea presents endless bold and beautiful.

The volley soar seabirds, with hard mouth, holding the long thoughts Business Information Assessment , making all the sounds of nature. Both internal surge of bold to listen to the song of the sea, and stare at it ", make the gods cry "magnificent and cannot express my adoration awe of the sea. Features such as the sea. Today, is more than the fear of the mountain, but a thorough comprehension of life.

Looking is not reach the stone steps, lower the head is not the stone steps, when the really don't want to walk, when tired really want to lie down, still to go. Features such as the sea, such as the sea of life, you are my life should be like the sea.

Finally arrived at halls of jade emperor. Standing at the top of the mountain small sit and rest Neo skin lab, just sigh "unusual try reading clouds, flowers bloom old creek."

We trotted down the mountain, very tired, but. Twenty minutes at 4 o 'clock, to the mountain by car to go home.