Villagers like tea, but don't pay attention to. Good tea in the tomb-sweeping day, the master of professional tea factory, this time of year is the choke point to tea plucking, dare not delay half day. People here, know to pick tea to early, but not to "qingming festival" in depth. Insects awaken, thunder thunder, rain. Nest in the house a lot of day, the in the mind not nasty, DianGua things with the field. Finally clearing up, go out into the sun Cloud Management Solution , bump on green tea, is suddenly remembered, it is to pick a good tea, then go back and take a bamboo basket.

At this point, the clear steps are, well, really good tea powder, the leaves of a tree are open. Fortunately, this doesn't affect the mood of harvest. In the countryside for, didn't also a few people who truly understand the tea, just, this green color had come, enough to impress everyone. Pick a good tea, put aside in the dustpan out, overnight, at the right moment to dry. Fried tea here is probably the most significant skills of live. Big iron ore wash pot, firewood slow burn. Until the bottom of the pot hot uniform, put the tea into the stir fry. People roll up your sleeves, palm of ladle, directly inserted into the hot pot, hot tea in the palm of your hand, rotate around, roaring, up and down the entire process, like the deductive magic in the movie "iron sand palm". Sweat, down on the wet clothes, water vapor from bottom to top, with the glitz. No more water vapour rises, when pan and curl, pieces of tea coke hard gradually, and the metal texture noise inside the bottom friction, ripe tea.

Stir-fry tea, be appliances collapsed, waiting for the next sublimation. A pair of very hot red rough hands, enabling the generation of fragrance of tea. Fried tea, the process of the hands of people burn through and through DSE Mock, in exchange for a pot of tea. This is after the trials of harvest, looking forward to for a long time dream round.

The next thing, it is a cup of tea. Water early in the morning a woman is to burn the chariot in the thermos bottle, want to drink, from wooden kitchen or square table drawer take out a few big bowl, directly by hand grasp a tea out of the container, put in a bowl, pour filed a thermos bottle. Water rushed into the bowl, a quiet tea is frightened, scattered and in people's eyes. Quite a while, in shock during the coming of the tea party again gathered in the bottom of a bowl, then the diastolic blades. Tea room so that the living often impatient, took the bowl, a sip, only feel bitter. Come early, I to this kind of green tea. And market in the city on the selective, producing exquisite tea ratios, the theory of this kind of tea looks how taste is a substandard product at all. The local villagers tea, a drink a big bowl, thermos on feet, drink light, lun the bottle down. This drink dermes , let a person can't help but think about drinking bowl of the water margin. Villagers to drink without the kind of snacks should we have, have greatly exquisite tea, bean cake, peanut, melon seeds set a table.