He expected surprised and drops. Look at this moment, but huge white hair fleeciness grandma frostily watching white tone of treasure: what's wrong, white tone of treasure reenex , isn't it worth to kill. Know mia can bear, is also a reassuring thing."

Read here for the first time, I began to grandma's callousness and satisfaction, feel sad. Before all of the changes in temperature of the past, broken is a moment, there is no time reenex . Then, I'll read here, more understanding, has no intention to ask dying, years nearly end mark

White tone of treasure was not slow to come over, grandma thought at least trumpeting: "go, child. Such, not live to tomorrow." In addition to shock and confused, white tone of treasure more lonely and helpless, tired BinMao deep buried her face in the black horse.

Perhaps, as the paper said, he is not a real prairie child. He had read the book, the system of scientific training,  made him feel and it is different here. Seem to see myself another kind of desire, the desire to summon him to drive towards a more pure, more civilized, more respect for people of good reenex , also more glamorous life.

Can be the face of "revelation" civilization, also is just a white tone treasure of comfort themselves. His eyes know in his heart, he can't do without mia, her gentle, just a few degrees to the drunk. Innocent playmates, how can say forget it, Mr. Mia like spring soak the white tone of treasure every inch of my heart. He went to the shed and whisper the mia, hope Mr. Mia can came toward him, speak with love and sadness.