Drizzly autumn, maple leaves fell in the late autumn. I seem to see, half se se half Jiang Gong xiang jiang water along the shore, you stand silently, long hair floating, garment waitresses, ahead in the north, a long time in the depths of the eyes , no sorrow, only. What you talk about being boring? How about their trivial? Know your misfortune, I know your good Neo skin lab  , know that you are always with their own response to other people's ill, of water soak your life! By the end of the world, the vast sea, I can't to you hate, soothe your pain.

You said because I know, your world, my heart how pleased! As we feel each other, longitudinal is homebase, years is a promise, it won't be sad, there is a watch in the world of mortals, much a sweet heart. Longitudinal is not exist, the heart of interlinked technology transfer office , also let us regret. I don't want you injured again, eager to dispel face tired for you, for you to heart tired, I will cherish this a meet, to know each other.

A season of osmanthus fragrance, inadvertently added you as a friend. See the grass sprout out of the earth, listen to the ebb and flow, it is a year public relationship , a year's time say long not long, say short also not short, three hundred and sixty-five days,  and sixty hours. Time in a hurry, such as Bai Jun gap, fortunately we have a meet by chance, leave a period of unforgettable memories. On August 2, the day we met, you remember?

That day, you wit and intellectual discourse, let me remember. I can feel your tender feelings, I can feel your tactful. Cannot have "hand, and son xielao" perfection, but to have "the body has no colourful feng wing," intended-and not to take a hint when a hint is not intended and joy. Tianya zhichi, surplus a eyes obsession, and keep a feeling, a pure beauty, fragrance filled, drunk in the sleepless night, drunk in a romantic dream. We have too much bitterness, we have too many wild, maybe is god's mercy, to a fate of reincarnation, a fiery love gift to us. Embrace each other, each other, depend on each other, accompanied by warm, Jane, regret.