Do what one can, knew her. Reality, knowing yourself is a lifetime thing, besides, some things need to be involved in other people. Mood sometimes struggle in the helpless, regrets, o, set the wrinkles into the deep.

Sit boring, to think about it. Ming sea wizard said: "in a responsible for satisfy -- -- -- -- -- -" "with gratitude to face the world -- -- -- -- -- -"

Lai live, much in the spring and autumn is not fan, smoothing over time, the legendary life covered with pathologies in the pocket. Match, the time's green, lightly taste, lush blink of an eye, the smoke that's gone. Control the soul, don't have story, ok? "Over the shelf. Mountain hirano light thin smoke. Smoke light thin. Habitat crow to return after, sunset day Angle neostrata gel plus. Sweet wine feelings evil. West wind rush lining wutong fell. Wutong fell. And also autumn, also feel lonely again." I don't know li qingzhao was Syria of love, is the sorrow of millet from, or the suffering of the lovesickness. At this time, she also know that, after walking a long the pain and happiness and joy throughout, disaster after the journey of life, oneself will also to the floating object, and the years?

Less than listen to the wind to insipid, dust settles, full moon, criticizing the idle of the stars. Man, in the heart, all that is on the way, spotless, can? In the past.

Smile and the sun.

After the calm, in the sunset see an evening at the end of the end, "the most beautiful sunset", however, is!

"Lu yao knows horsepower, want to be." Rub shoulders too much, just a loud sigh, but also is the head more than white hair, forehead wrinkles. People to 50, just as the maple leaves of autumn, autumn gradually deep, faded green, leaf more red, far -- -- -- -- --

Time has changed our appearance, but in my heart leave each other's shadow. Time went by, I remember, for who shed tears for who, for whom lonely -- -- -- -- -- all frames in the precipitation of dry years. One thing, the letter, a greeting, a miss, can hook up to that time is the most beautiful memories that year, flooding in mind, then slowly precipitation.

Time flies, time, time.

I carefully collectors what every I can remember, gifts, music, mountain, water, and the specific terms.