Xu Yuan east, four bridge misty rain, it looks like a lake in the lake, garden, the garden are different bridge bridge, connected with each other by the scenery water division, set each other off becomes an interest, and through the bridge original yacht , flickering, a natural ink painting scroll. Through small hongqiao, jinshan, built by the water room, wooden house and acquainting the monastery, each place all cultural relics left bei poetry of history, each place walks in scene all reflect the grand style of the imperial garden. Across the time of the time, the cultural city - yangzhou, condensed the burden of history in two thousand five hundred. , known as the calligraphy landscape of west lake, the beauty of the southern and northern majesty, lakes and mountains, pavilions corridor surrounded, winding, twirls the dance, not the kui is embedded in historical and cultural city of yangzhou a shinning pearl.

A causeway to the middle of the remaining steps "diaoyutai", so having a unique style. Stand in the center of the ChuiTai is through one thousand, although the ears without music sound, imagine the qianlong were fishing rod, the legendary sailors to dive Recruitment agency hk , coping with lotus leaf, lotus stem ventilation. Hang the bait to live fish strips, deduce again and again for rod diving, cheers scenes of jubilation, takes no account of his heart. Looked up and warmed by visible lying in front of the "five pavilion bridge", just as the lake chic belt, it is also an important Peugeot, yangzhou, also called the lotus bridge, the structure is exquisite, the modelling is unique, was founded in chienlung second period. Oblique, visible under the green of the tower of towering stands, it is said that this is one of the eight salt merchants stories describe a bribe qianlong, overnight. Dynasty, of course, the history of the smoke, was nowhere to be found, also don't need to be found.

"Aoyama faint water all the way, the autumn jiangnan grass not enthrall. 24 bridge moon night, jade one where teach flute". Standing on the twenty-four bridge, the first flowering plums in one thousand poems when blurt out. At first thought it was named twenty-four bridge bridge is linked together , the original, just a white marble railings of single span arch bridge of small and exquisite. According to records, the bridge 24 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, 24 root column column, table level 24, seems to be everywhere with 24. Legend there are 24 Alma in tang dynasty, one could mei, posture is lightsome, once Yu Yueming night this flute flute, paths tu mu, one of the Alma specially folding flowers presented, tu mu chanting songs, please. Of course, opinions vary, mentioned in the book, cao xueqin, zhu zi-qing twenty-four bridge and so on. Whatever the legend, I think is beautiful. Imagine in a stripe like bright moon night, someone flute flute, poetry couplet, pieces of laughter converge into a song, and radiance moon hand in photograph reflect with images JiangSheng, night scenery will never is invisible.

Wet green flag, amorous yangzhou willow, as well as one thousand jiangnan dream, along the thin lake has been wound miles away. You from ancient times, to bright autumn waters, long skirt drag ground, like a belt of meandering kam, baihua namby-pamby embellish your pure white clothes, weeping willows are you elegant skirt is placed. Those pavilions strewn at random have send, through the years of vicissitudes of life, the unique charm of the humanities landscape, always is the achievement of letters to sing the wind of the poem. And I, how can the poor words write you girls the verve of youth.

Thin west lake, you are so handsome. Come to you I was so gently, quietly leave, thought, that an unknown misty rain will wash away I see your footprint. Looking back, your smile, all in the misty rain releasing a classic charm, frozen into a kind of hazy poetry, in ink to gradually, eventually turned into an altar sweet osmanthus wine, was buried in the twenty-four bridge. From then on, my heart left a caring in yangzhou, every time the moon night sound rang, my thoughts will be thinner than the west lake. Perhaps, when the catkin as snow, qionghua,  I will return again, accidentally fell into deep full-bodiedly your pretty eyes.

Please wait for me in a roll of jiangnan misty rain

Author: fog songs wind whistling

To pass the rain qingyun virginity, this color for the future.