Autumn wind up xi sikong, vegetation yellow goose south. And yellow leaves the wind, the land, from pieces of leaves fluttering in the read the true meaning of life reenex facial . Autumn, the eyebrow eye, everything seemed so leaves peaceful.

"No is not heartless, maternal gentleness more protect flower." The beauty of life, is not, but is to keep. In keeping a beginner's mind, and keep the world the most beautiful, quiet life, appreciate autumn rain permeated affectionate, perceive the autumn lotus buddhist meaning, read by condition. Will be light, happy care ink in between the lines, makes a wen wan , the season in qing yi long.

One night the wind drizzle, since morning, a little bit cool ooze heart, yu mei leaves also gradually turn yellow, one, two... The wind gently down. Still stay dew on the rose petals you beauty , bring some poetic silence cool season. Accompanied with the time and the world of mortals always, Xiao mountain breeze, red songs, a dream place, will have love. Always wait for you in photo like the places where snow, the clear water of set off my figure, want to with you will follow my footsteps extension; Always write down in the text of clearance is not regret, with silent words each other the tacit understanding, the heart that know, punctual is mutual to give each other warm. One and a half paper deep feeling, acacia, window mind wandering touching on clear days, gently, deeply hide...

Autumn, autumn flowers are still, stroll on the safety, the purple, white, yellow small chrysanthemum shallow open in the wild. Like this season, not cold not hot, and the clear sky. Autumn clear and quiet, like a graceful woman, ring ding dong, in the time of finely, coming from the depths of the knot, and sentimental autumn, has been set up for you li, red leaves, smiling all the way to wait for coming on the safety of the passenger.

Wen paper a graceful and restrained, and keep a pregnant silence, I heard whispers under osmanthus tree, the wind dust mouth did not fall, fill warm in my heart, I know, you wait for me under the greening warm tea, low eyebrow, pick up a wisp of the years calm, slow light over the open a faint fragrance, light walking, you are in, is time gift and my beauty.

No reservation, no flowers, we meet, is the wind light cloud light. This is a blend of the heart and heart, a kind of soul and the correspondence of the soul, I carefully care, cherish, the warmth and moved. Perhaps, this is just a distant dream, but I will still be thankful the fate, let me close to the truth, because you are so deep into my life. Love, pain, and in keeping, is a kind of happiness. Because to understand, so mercy; Because cherish. Love to the depths is speechless, silent yearning, is the love of tears. I know, you've been, finely words, have moist in tonight's dream...