Nature is the most noble mother; Her life's personality: "love wide bosom, kindly know merit." Have such a natural, do wansheng mother, is the world of music HKUE ENG , the world. Can do one pair clings to the cane -- - is beautiful! .

Article do one cane into nature, our hearts 2:00 in the air HKUE amec . We are a sea of colourful; We are empty soft; We are clings to the nature, distinguished for the mood!

What is called the heart? Beat, into the blood circulation, lives a normal life is can guarantee the function of body organs. "Yes. That's one satellites were beating flowers of life, in the body and mind." But when we walk into nature, you will have one kind of new experience HKUE amec , may you never found, could someone will say: "how to just call into nature?" Yes? Walk into nature is generalized. Is no matter where we live and work in where? Are in echo natural heartbeat in the busy. Actually person's scope of work, life and nature of the empty realm cannot be compared to the same, this is two different things, we should be serious to do one time true spiritual experience.

Nature is everywhere, the heart of the mother nature everywhere busy... We smile, it is mother nature gives us passion, all kinds of care of body and mind. Because we are clings to peak green.