She knew the meaning of happiness, know content, know to meet. When do you want to travel, she told; When you come back, with her arms; When you need to have her shirt. She'll let one smile for life hundred flatters you, she'll let xian hands overflow sweet flowing to you. Happiness, is one kind of rich, instead of the imperfect hong thai travel.

Frustrated, lonely, sad, also will be surrounded by layers of her, but she know where the tears, where the climb up, forget where, where. Whether in what environment, she leave to others is always a smile, forever is a state of confidence.

Beauty is everywhere, the beautiful is to be sitting right beside as long as you are good at discovering, is a good feeling.

One flower one grass one Ye Yi wood are landscape, one mountain, one water one day one is outline, one word one sentence one word one row is warm, one dynamic one static one for one stop is enjoyable. Ordinary flat she will always give you surprise for you in an accident, the moments of little warmth hong thai travel.

She knowing to equip themselves with knowledge, nutrition.

Reasonable arrange the time of life, always can give yourself some free space. With written record dribs and drabs of life, with a written record the ebb and flow of life. Such women have the connotation, background and temperament, is the external enchanting beauty of the irreplaceable, from her beauty of the soul hong thai travel...

Scenery to woman heart in practice, since the enlightenment, self inductance, complacent, since hin, rejoicing in construction, is a solid, the time deposit is ordinary daily life accumulation of mature.